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Web site ADSMUNDO RECEPTIVO and all the information contained in this, associated to General Information, graphic and editorial contents, excursions and published programs are subject to General Conditions and responsibilities establish to each supplier (Airline, Hotel, Restaurant and other operators involved in its realization)

All information contained in publications established as “ADSMUNDO INCOMMING DEVELOPMENTS” Have specific terms and conditions associated with each of them based on Chilean regulations.


The rates in ADSMUNDO are in US Dollars (USD). The editions are valid until the dates indicate. All published products have their validity specified in each item.

Rates are per passenger, unless indicated otherwise, or in cases such as: - Apart hotels and cabin are express per department or cabin - Rent a Car services are expressed per vehicle.

Private or regular transfers and tour services are provided with a driver-guide or a driver plus a guide, in the specified language. SIB services are provided with a minimum number of passengers, which normally is a minimum of two passengers. When minimum of passenger is not required it is indicated in the corresponding notes.

Published rates may be changed without prior notice.
Services and programs may be changed or cancelled in its execution, sequence and contents; in order to offer a better service, or due to extreme conditions or majeure force reasons.


Value-Added Tax (IVA) is not included in the hotel rates.

Entrance to Rapa Nui National Park is NOT included. Entry fee 2017 USD 80 local / USD 88 pre-purchase ADSMundo® with a validity of 7 days.

Non-resident foreign tourists are exempt of the Value Added Tax (IVA), presenting their valid passport and tourist card during their check-in. This exemption applies during their stay and consumption in the hotel. Rates do not include additional costs, generated by passengers or their guests, changes or cancellations.


It is each passenger’s and their Travel Agent’s responsibility to ensure they have the corresponding documents to make the trip.

Passenger must be informed and prepared to fulfill the visa, vaccination and any additional conditions required to visit the country.

Passengers must take care of paying the generated costs of non-fulfillment or lack of information when they access each country or travel across this mentioned country. In the case of Chilean and Foreign passengers, it is a requirement to present their foreign documents, or they will be directly charged with the IVA (19% of the rate).


ADSMUNDO® is committed to send individual written replies for bookings requests within 48 working hours, with the exception of unforeseen conditions or force majeure reasons that may interfere in clients and suppliers normal communication channels.

A service is not considered requested if there is not a written request. Likewise, a booking is valid only if ADSMUNDO® does it by written means. The same condition applies to changes and cancellations.

ADSMUNDO® makes the requested reservations, changes and cancellations, according to the conditions stipulated by each supplier. These conditions may change according to the product, service, number of passengers, season, or other reasons. It is very important to consider that modifications in the original booking may generate changes on the final quotation. It is important to inform the ADSMUNDO® Reservation Number (FF) in case of a change in any reservation, in order to facilitate the file’s localization.

It is understood that conditions may vary for individuals and groups, or for certain dates and seasons. Likewise, ADSMUNDO® obeys prepayment and payment policies, reserve signal rules, refunds, fines and restriction established by the products and services suppliers.

Although ADSMUNDO® will try to avoid cancellation charges, the client must accept expenses incurred and charges established by the supplier, which may add be up to 100% of the original. The above is also valid in relation to the non-presentation of the passenger in certain services.

No-Show Policy: In the event of any guest being “no-show” at the confirmed hotel property, the room rate will be charged including an additional 19% VAT.


It is the Outbound Tour Operator’s responsibility to provide ADSMUNDO® with all the information regarding each passenger, at least one week before their arrival. This applies specifically to passengers who will travel in crafts such as Australis Cruises, Skorpios, Andean Crossing and others, or by local airlines. The information refers to: passenger’s full name, date of birth, citizenship and passport number. Please, ask your ADSMUNDO® Account Executive for the passenger form.

ADSMUNDO declares supporting the GLOBAL CODE OF ETHICS FOR TOURISM adopted by the WTO, in special the points indicating tourism as a vehicle for individual and collective fulfillment and protection:


- Tourism activities should respect the equality of men and women; they should promote human rights and, more particularly, the individual rights of the most vulnerable groups, notably children, the elderly, the handicapped, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples.

- The exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, especially when applied to children, conflicts with the fundamental aims of tourism and is the negation of tourism.

The information published on this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

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