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The geography of our country, allows us to have Perú, Bolivia and Argentina as neighbor countries. ADSMUNDO give the chance to extend the travel experience of who visit Chile.

To the North we border with Perú, a country that stand out for its architectural richness, Inca ruins, and colonial cities, in addition to its spectacular gastronomy.

To the Northeast we find Bolivia, where lagoons of colors and white deserts characterize the city of Uyuni, could being able to connect with programs from San Pedro de Atacama and take a complete circuit of the world’s driest deserts. There is also La Paz, capital of Bolivia, located at the foot of the imposing snow-capped Illimani, where we will learn about its ancient traditions and colonial constructions.

Argentina, is at the East of our country and for its large territory, can connect from the north with Salta, city with a foodprint of the Inca civilization and Spanish colonial legacy, further to the south with Mendoza, for its varied vineyards, with Buenos Aires, cosmopolitan city, following with Bariloche, for its lakes, forest mountains and switzerland-german influence, in Patagonia, with El Calafate with its imposing Perito Moreno glacier, and finally with Ushuaia, known as “the southernmost city of the world”.



  • Mendoza
  • Buenos Aires
  • Bariloche
  • El Calafate
  • Ushuaia
  • Salta


  • Lima
  • Cusco


  • Uyuni
  • La Paz