San Pedro de Atacama New Experiences

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We are glad to present you two new experiences in San Pedro de Atacama: Ancestral Caravan and Ancestral Medicine. In both experiences you will be able to share directly with the local community and also experience activities of their daily life and others related to the history of the village.

In Ancestral Caravan you will relive one of the old circuits that the communities used to travel by caravan through the Atacama Desert. During your trip you will learn about the behavior of the ancestors and how the man managed to domesticate the camelids, who will also accompany you on this journey.

On the other hand, in Ancestral Medicine you will visit the Ancestral Medicine Center of the village. In this place you will enjoy a session of drum group therapy and you will continue with a decontracting back massage.

We hope you can find out about these new experiences as soon as possible!

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