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We want to inform you our new dynamic of ADSMUNDO® PASSENGER RECEPTION at SANTIAGO AIRPORT. The current dynamic has changed due to the expansion works that are present by now at the airport and have deadline the next year 2019.

From January 2018, the International Passenger Exit has had changes, that is why we would appreciated give the next information to your clients who will be traveling to Chile and have TRANSFER IN services in Santiago Airport (Arturo Merino Benitez)

1. CUSTOMS & SAG REVIEW (Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service)

Have been introduced new belts conveyors for the baggage (ZONE 1), which will do the exit process easier and faster. Once your passengers receive their bags, they will have to go to Custom & SAG (ZONE 2) to check their luggage.

We would appreciate inform your passengers about the Custom policies and vegetal or animal products transport (that do not have commercial character). No matter their quantity or time since it was acquired MUST BE DECLARED. A SAG inspector will evaluate if the product is able to enter the country.


Once the Custom and SAG processes will be realized, the passengers must go to the EXIT, as is indicated in the previous figure (ZONE 3). The passengers will have to take the indicated EXIT and walk in direction to the right (figure 1), where will find the hall and at the end of this (figure 2) will be our Guide Staff and Airport Support Team properly identify.


For a better experience at the Airport, our Guide Team will have the next material of identification:

:: ADSMUNDO PLACARD: in this sign of orange color will be the name of the passenger to generate an easy meeting.

:: UNIFORM: ADSMundo Team wear shirt and formal pants, with logo of the local supplier.

:: CREDENTIAL ID: Hanging credential that identifies our guides and professionals.

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